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Why You Should Invest In Dominican Republic Real Estate Now

When most people think of the Caribbean, they think of the sandy beaches, the sun-kissed waters and towering palm trees. Basically you think of the rampant tourism in the Caribbean and especially in the beautiful and popular Dominican Republic. But the Dominican Republic isn’t just for the cocktail carrying tourist lazing on the beach; it has become a real estate hot spot that individual foreign investors and property development companies are rushing to and thriving in. With a variety of properties up for grabs in flourishing towns like Punta Cana, La Romana and the city of Santo Domingo among others, it’s no wonder the real estate industry here is faring far better than others.

One of the most attractive factors that the Dominican Republic has as far as real estate investment is its proximity to the United States and Canada and easy accessibility. Since it has an extremely low property tax and the regulations are very straightforward toward foreign investors with hardly any state interventions, the Dominican Republic is the perfect spot for foreign investors. It’s no surprise that many Americas, Europeans and Canadians choose to buy second homes or holiday properties here. The relative stability of the economy here is another great draw. When most nations were reeling during the recent global economic crisis, the economy of the Dominican Republic remained fairly unshaken especially its strong real estate sector.
The stable state of the economy and steady tourism has ensured that the resale value of properties stays fairly stable here unlike the plunging values in most other places, making it a great investment opportunity.

As a foreign investor you should know just how diverse life here is. It’s not just beaches; you have bustling cities, picturesque mountains, tourist towns, universities, malls, restaurants, nightclubs and much, much more. It can be a great place to take a break from busy schedules or retire once you are done with the rat race. Plus with the low property taxes, you can afford to put in the extra cash to build your dream home or afford a higher quality lifestyle. Your money will go a longer way and may make it easier to consider the kind of property that you always wanted.

As far as low risk real estate investing goes, buying a property in the Dominican Republic is one of the best bets. This sector is growing by leaps and bounds and it makes sense to get your piece of the Dominican Republic real estate pie.