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Subscription Agreement Asx

2.4. We may increase the scope of licenses for the use or distribution of ASX Energy Data under this agreement, which we believe may require the payment of additional royalties. If we do, we will talk about 14. Definitions In this Agreement, the following definitions apply: 6. Intellectual Property Rights All intellectual property rights AsSX Energy Data`s intellectual property and related information materials provided under this Agreement are and will remain the property of us, our related parties or our third-party license providers (if any) and , if this Agreement expressly allows, the subscriber does not have rights to asX Energy Data or associated information materials. 4. Taxes Subscriber must pay all existing taxes (including, but not limited, taxes on rent, rent, rental duties, rental duties or other stamp taxes), new taxes (including property and services tax or other VAT), any increases in taxes and related penalties to be paid for or in connection with this agreement. , subscription fees, any other payments due to us, or any other transaction or material in this agreement. If we are obliged to pay this tax, tax or penalty, then the subscriber must compensate us and release us in full of that responsibility. In the event that the payment of an amount of subscription fee is subject to withholding tax, levy or similar payment obligation on the amounts incurred under this agreement, these withholding amounts are borne and paid by the subscriber in addition to the amounts incurred.

2.1. We grant the subscriber a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of ASX Energy Data on the basis: a) the subscriber uses asx Energy Data only for its own internal information needs; (b) the subscriber may under-concede the right to use ASX`s energy data to its related parties, provided that, i.e., the sublicensing ceases when the sublicensing ceases to be a related part of the subscriber; ii. the sub-licensing imposes on the nearest party all the restrictions and obligations imposed on the subscriber by this agreement with respect to the use of ASX`s energy data; and iii. the subscriber is fully responsible and responsible for any violation by the related party and any violation by the related party will be considered a violation of the agreement by the subscriber. (c) the subscriber prints only prints and stores copies of ASX Energy Data to the extent necessary for its own internal information needs, provided that all mentions, including copyright mentions, trademarks or other property indications, and all relevant disclaimers are kept in all copies of asX Energy Data.