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Rental Agreement Artinya

In addition to the “lease,” you can also look for an explanation for the following words: Here is a translation of the meaning of the word lease in the dictionary Accounting Terms One of the points that can be subject to leasing is a car. According to the definition of the above rental, then car rental means renting a car in a certain time, then the car of your car ends after the date of the agreement naturally with the refund of the money. In the development of this life, the car is no longer a luxury item. Cars are now very easy to get and own. It is only by renting from the organizer that you can drive the car. In this leasing application, you also don`t have to think about the down payment, but by dealing with all the requirements, without a down payment, you should be able to use the car. if you ask me, then I will choose the lease because I have proof of the lease, which consists of two words, namely the lease and the agreement Here, it is a translation of the meaning of the word lease in the Indonesian language in the English-Indonesian dictionary; In the regulation of the Minister of Trade and Co-operativesNr. 34/KP/II/80 of 1980 relating to the licensing of rental activities in tranches and leases (“Kepmen 34/1980″), by the regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. 21/M-DAG/PER/10/2005 year 2005 relating to the revocation of certain commercial licences and registrations, provides an understanding of leases.

More lajut than this misunderstanding makes the implementation of leasing misguided or inappropriate. The first misjudgment of indonesia`s leasing system is reflected in the determination of down payments. It should be considered a lease (leasing) is not known to determine the down payment. But the reality is that the vehicle leasing system in Indonesia, you need a down payment of 25-30%. Regarding this lease, Suharnoko, S.H., MLI. [5] It is said that buy-to-let is an agreement that is not specifically governed by the Civil Code (“KUHPer”). However, because kuhper Book III adheres to an open system, parties can enter into agreements that are not specifically regulated by kuhPer. Under Section 1319 of the KuHPer, any agreement or agreement of innodation designated is governed by the general provisions of contract law.

Therefore, the buy-to-let agreement is also subject, as an innomin agreement, to general provisions relating to the agreement, such as. B the terms of the contract`s validity and default. . If you misinterpret any of the above conditions, the impact will be huge on the lease you are going to make. Better, use the help of office rental services or it can also be a law firm, so you will not regret in the future . . . 2. The lessor only intends to finance the acquisition of capital goods by the taker and the property does not come from the lessor, but from the third party or the taker himself. But on the rental contract, the owner intends to make some kind of investment with the rented property with a profit. Therefore, the goods usually come from the buyer`s own purchase.