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Punta Cana real estate news – Las Dunas,Villas de Mar Azul, Onix Center, Mar Azul Developer Escapes to Mexico

SANTO DOMINGO. The Spanish Ricardo Diez Count, who also identified with the false name of Ruben Ramos and has been implicated in a scandal for laundering tens of millions of dollars from drug trafficking, managed to escape the country to Mexico. Ramos had a number of developments in the Bavaro-Punta Cana and Uvero Alto regions – Las Dunas, Villas de Mar Azul, Onix Center and Mar Azul, most of them not finished.

While 15 to 20 people in the vicinity of the fugitive will be interviewed, including suppliers and associates.

The information was provided yesterday by the Director of Asset Laundering Unit of the Attorney, Germain Miranda Villalona, who said that Count Ten is in a drug ring, some of whom have been convicted in Spain.

“We went to do the operation against him, and it appears that at the time he escaped and stopped the operation,” he said.

Villalona suspicion that someone informed him abroad on the intention to arrest him and deport him. He said he escaped by one of the airports from east to Mexico and then to two other Latin American countries.

Among the goods seized are a plane parked at the airport of El Higüero eight buildings comprising a total of 66 apartments in Bavaro.