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Payment Processing Agreement

Supplier responsibility: As explained above, “rehabilitation” is a recurring topic in the evaluation of a payment settlement contract. As part of the liability, check whether your payment settlement contract makes your bank and liquidator liable for violations committed in their systems, whether they are required to compensate you for damages related to such an infringement, and whether a ceiling applicable to their harm is comparable to a ceiling applicable to the harm suffered by the merchant. Please note that, as explained in Section D.3, you are responsible for any losses you may suffer if lost or stolen payment information or accounts are used to purchase products or services. Stripe does not insures you against losses caused by fraud. For example, if someone claims to be a legitimate buyer but is a scammer, you are responsible for all costs, including litigation, even if you do not restore the fraudulently purchased product. measures to ensure that authorized persons can only access data under their jurisdiction when they use an automated data processing system (for example). Some user accounts); They are also required to pay all taxes, duties, duties, duties, and other taxes collected by a government authority (“taxes”), including VAT, goods and services tax, provincial turnover tax and/or harmonized turnover tax and/or withholding tax on services provided under this agreement. If you are exempt, you will provide us with a certificate or other proof of the tax exemption that we are satisfied with. In the event that you use the Services to make payments or withdrawals to third parties (including another stripe user or a third party who is not a stripe user), you agree that you are responsible for determining the taxes that apply to these payments or payments, if any, and the assessment, collection, reporting and transfer of related taxes, as required by law in all relevant legal systems. You accept that Stripe is not responsible for the assessment, collection, reporting or transfer of services taxes under this Agreement and/or payments or payments you make to third parties through the Services. All customer data is owned by the distributor and the distributor grants Braintree an indefinite period of time, global and free, irrevocable, sub-licensing, sub-licensing, free, for the use, reproduction, electronic distribution and display of customer data for the following purposes: (i) provision and enhancement of braintree payment services, including the collection, processing and use of customer data for braintree purposes that anti-fraud tools provide and enhance in the context of payment services; (ii) internal use, including, but not limited, data analysis and measurements, provided that this customer data is anonymized and aggregated with other customer data; (iii) compliance with applicable legal requirements and assistance to law enforcement agencies by responding to requests for disclosure of information, in accordance with local law; and (iv) all other purposes for which the client has given consent. The distributor undertakes to forward all of the above notifications and to obtain all necessary consents to use Braintree`s customer data mentioned above.

“Payment method” refers to a type of payment method that Stripe accepts as part of payment services, for example. B credit card, debit card and ACH. 3.3 Confidentiality. Braintree ensures that its client data processing staff is informed of the confidentiality of customer data, that it has received appropriate training on their responsibilities, and that it has entered into written confidentiality agreements. Braintree ensures that these confidentiality obligations survive the termination of staff engagement. Neither party is responsible for processing delays or other processing delays caused by telecommunications, utilities, equipment outages or failures; labour disputes, unrest,