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Luxury Villas in Dominican Republic – Exotic Vacations with a Touch of Style

Looking for a luxurious life in an exotic location? You will find some of the world's finest luxury villas in Dominican Republic. When life seems to be all work and no fun, we need to pamper ourselves, and there is no better way to do that a few weeks of travel and relaxation.

Rent a luxury home for a special celebration or a family vacation in Dominican Republic and you can enjoy a real treat at an unbeatable price. Through the owner, you can hire a wide range of extras, from chefs to local guides for hiking or water-sports, allowing you to create a luxury break to suit you and make the experience cheaper and even more special.

What could be more relaxing than renting a luxury vacation home with a white beach in the Caribbean? The natural environment, perfect beaches and relaxed atmosphere in the Caribbean provide an unrivalled luxury getaway.

Dominican Republic has been recognised for a long time as one of the most naturally beautiful, fun and laid back holiday destinations in the Caribbean. Something that is not as well-known is the increasing choice of spectacular private luxury villas in Dominican Republic offering a perfect alternative to five-star hotels. You’ll find everything from typical Antillean architecture to modern chic interiors. All are impeccably maintained and fully staffed. You’ll be able to experience the charm or relaxed afternoons by the pool or idle your time in a hammock under a coconut tree reading your favourite book after a delicious home cooked meal.

Most of the villas are either situated on the beach or in some of Dominican Republic’s idyllic villages where the only sounds you hear are those of birds and curious monkeys. Each of the privately owned villas has their own distinct style reflecting their owner’s tastes and personalities. Some are renovated old colonial houses steeped in history, with high wooden ceilings, balconies and bedrooms with individual verandas while others are modern chic with open spaces, contemporary furniture, terracotta flooring and objets d’art.

Most of the villas are surrounded by lush gardens, infinity pools and come with their own chef, gardener and housekeeping staff trained to be efficient yet discreet. Renting a luxury villa in Dominican Republic provides you with complete privacy in which you can share time with family and friends while enjoying the comforts and service of a 5-star hotel.

Villa accommodation is much more affordable than staying in a hotel of the same calibre. Normally luxury villas in Dominican Republic can accommodate a large number of couples and children. You also have the added incentive of enjoying exclusive facilities. These include own private swimming pools, gymnasium, private tennis court, private spa, private office and even large gardens that you don't have to share with others. By renting a luxury villa, you’ll be able to enjoy lounge space and private areas for sunbathing unexposed around the pools without having to feel shy or inhibited.

Staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel is a great chance to experience the community spirit within a traditional Dominican neighbourhood. You will gain first-hand knowledge about the island's cultural way of life where the passage of time is measured by an endless cycle of ceremonial rites.

In a setting removed from hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism, you can enjoy peace and solitude by rediscovering the gift of waking up each day to the sounds of nature. Choosing to stay in a luxury villa in Dominican Republic will give you quality time out to spend with your family and friends while you relax and recharge.

A spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen and daily maid service give each villa the domestic comfort of home, while the turquoise sea and pristine beaches nearby give the exotic allure of paradise. You’ll encounter a choice of villas with two to five bedrooms, without having to renounce to all the services, recreational activities and excitement of bigger resorts.

A spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen and daily maid service will give each villa the domestic comfort of home, while the nearby crystal blue waters and pristine Caribbean beaches give the exotic appeal of a tropical break. Luxury villas in Dominican Republic are the ideal choice for distinguished families who want to enjoy a comfortable and private luxury holiday in the Caribbean.