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Hastings Deering Enterprise Agreement

Geelong Rod Mill Second Tier (MEWU, ETU, FIA) Accord 1987 ANSTO Emergency Alarm Centre Shift Workers Award 1992 . Aquila Steel and Queensland Welded Mesh, Queensland Performance Improvement Payment Scheme Award 1992 North Broken Hill Peko Ltd – in trade as Associated Pulp and Paper Mills – Interim Employment Award 1992 . Darwin Aboriginal Women`s Shelter (Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures) Agreement 1991 Architects, Town Planners, Quantity Surveyors and Interior Designers, A.C.T. Government Service Award 1999 Determination No. 234 of 1966 [Nursing Staff [HEF]] Coles Myer Ltd (New World Supermarket, Coles Fossey and K-Mart) (Tasmania) Awards 1988 For more information on professional wrestling actions, including protected workfighting actions, consult our organization. . Toowoomba City Council – Municipal Officers Association of Australia – Flexible Working Hours Agreement [1978] . Albany Woollen Mills Casual Weekend Shift Work Award 1992 Adelaide and Wallaroo Fertilizers Ltd (FEDFA Second Tier) Agreement 1987 . All employers, workers and self-employed contractors are free to become or not members of an industrial organisation such as a trade union or employers` organisation.

In addition, all employers, workers and self-employed contractors have the right to engage in so-called “industrial” activities or not. Incitec Crop Protection, Strathpine Site Agreement 1992 The FWO may investigate allegations of violations of general guarantees. If the FWO is identified, it can take legal action against penalties of up to $13,320 for an individual or $66,600 for a business. Northern Territory Automotive Replacement Parts Youth Traineeship Industrial Agreement 1987 Inspection Procedures for New and Modified Freight Vehicles (ARU and SRA (NSW), ANRC, STA (Victoria), West) Agreement 1991 A person who believes he has been the victim of a general violation of protection, can seek the assistance of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) by providing: NURWA-SRA (NSW) Accommodation Standards for Employees Camped-out Agreement 1989 Clerical/Administrative Trainees – Queensland Local Governing Authorities – Shire of Moreton Industrial Agreement 1986 Latrobe Valley – Metal Trades Construction Agreement [1980] Telecommunications Commission Telephone and Phonogram Staff (Provision of Operator Assisted Services) Agreement 1984 The term “employment law” is broadly defined in the FW Act and exists when a person: Municipal Officers (New South Wales Electricity Undertakings) General Managers and Assistant Managers Salaries and Allowances Awards , 1989 Queensland Meatworks (Metro Meat (Peterborough) Ltd and Others) Award 1984 Victorian Public Service Workers Voluntary Departure Package Interim Award 1993 HE C/ETU Contract Labour On Line Clearing Agreement 1986 Braeside/Sunshine Performance Payments Related Scheme Award 1995 Metal Industry Award 1976 – Part IV – Professional Determination No.