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Exclusive Condos for Sale in Dominican Republic

Thriving on the tourism sector, the Dominican Republic has been a favorite holiday destination in the Caribbean for decades now, but in the recent years there is another sector that is pulling attention from foreigners, and that is the real estate sector of the country. Property investment here is gaining popularity fast, due to some distinct advantages offered by this jewel of a nation, and condos for sale in the Dominican Republic are the number one buy.

The ten most decisive advantages of buying a condominium in the Dominican Republic are as follows:

• The country has the second largest economy in the Caribbean.

• It is packed with recreational activities and scenic beauty in addition to its national parks, river valleys, forests, beaches, etc.

• The country is not as commercialized, but offers all modern day amenities, in addition to sporting a perfect sunny weather most of the year.

• The country has a multi-cultural blend of people who are friendly and welcoming to people from all over the world.

• There are a number of good developer and realtors throughout the country that specialize in providing ideal locations, great bargains, legal advice, guaranteed appreciation, and handsome rental income in case you opt to lease the property.

• The quality of life here is excellent compared to the cost of living.

• The country has over 4 million visitors per year, making your property a secure and positive profit investment.

• The government has laws that are straightforward and transparent for foreign investors.

• The country has easy immigration laws, and is open to you starting business or seeking employment here.

• You won’t have problems with residential permits and the transfer of any currency is unrestricted to or from the country.

Condominiums for sale in the Dominican Republic are readily available; all you have to do is get in touch with your real estate agency and inform them of your interest in investing. Of course, it is always better to choose a location in the country, as this will only help you find that ideal home. Punta Cana is a good choice right now, considering it has been seeing an average of about 15% appreciation in real estate rates for some years now. Choosing a home in Punta Cana will also ensure connectivity, as the international airport is located here. Plus, you can select your condo from a long list of great beachfront or hilltop or city center locations.