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Cupe Collective Agreement Nb

Price base: the discussion paper, school notes, financial needs and adequacy are taken into account. Please note that the pavilions must be paid before the order is sent. Standard delivery is included in Canada Post`s delivery. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Discriminatory, racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic comments or behaviour hurt and divide us. This also applies to discrimination based on skills, age, class, religion, language and ethnicity. Fill out the application form here: CUPE-SCHOLARSHIPS To order one (or more) flags with your zone plan number, fill out the form below. Sometimes discrimination is done through harassment. Harassment is using real or perceived power to abuse, devalue or humiliate.

Harassment should not be treated as a joke. The discomfort and resentment it generates are not feelings that help us to grow as a unit. Certified in 1989 as a bargaining unit, these support staff are located on the Saint John campus. CUPE Local 3339 represents St. John Campus staff working in the following categories: offices, secretariat, library assistant, craftsmen, workers and technicians. The De CupE trading group has about 55 positions. CUPE Collective Agreement (which expires on 30 June 2020) CUPE Collective Agreement 2012-2016 As a trade unionist, airtime, cooperation and mutual understanding are our objectives. We should not tolerate or tolerate behaviour that impairs an individual`s dignity or self-esteem or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Applications must be completed on the current form and received by mail on or before October 31. The scholarships will be awarded in January.

Don Lavoie Impressions Promotions 387 Champlain Street, Dieppe, NB, E1A 1P2 Phone: (506) 859-7989 CUPE Policy and practice must reflect our commitment to equality. Elected members, staff and officials must be aware that all human beings deserve dignity, equality and respect. Once your order has been sent to CUPE NB, you will receive an order confirmation within a few weeks indicating the payment instructions. See on the right an example of a solidarity flag for Local 1253. CUPE NB offers six scholarships worth $500 each for students. Schooling is available annually for full-time care at a post-secondary institution, university or community college. Discrimination and harassment focus on characteristics that differentiate us; and they reduce our ability to cooperate on common issues such as decent wages, safe working conditions and justice at work, in society and in our union. The Union`s solidarity is based on the principle that union members are on an equal footing and deserve mutual respect at all levels. Any behaviour that provokes conflict prevents us from working together to strengthen our Union. rights: MEMBERS of the Union with a local CUPE association affiliated with LA CUPE NB, or Sons, daughters or legal services of members with a good reputation affiliated with LA CUPE NB.