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Uso Do Agreement

11.8.7 If the goods do not comply with the description (defects, futility, etc.) and the cost of post-delivery delivery is high as a percentage of the price of the product and/or if the exchange is difficult, the customer may propose the recovery of the price of the goods (part of it, subject to the agreement of the parties) without effective return of the goods. The contractor may accept (but not be required) the offer. If the price is recovered, the closing is not considered to have been made. As part of the agreement – which was partially concluded to obtain Destras Buy-in for the new national broadband network project at the time – Telstra receives an annual payment of $297 million. Before the purchase button is pressed by the buyer, the seller and purchase are required to consent with all the conditions stipulated in the pre-agreement. The agreement reached in violation of these conditions is not deemed to be executed within ND MARKET Platform. The interim agreement refers to an agreement under which the contracting parties are required to enter into the main contract for the transfer of ownership or the provision of services on the terms set out in the pre-agreement. The sale of property and the contract of sale (deal) mean a deal made on ND MARKET Platform by the seller and the buyer for the purpose of exchanging goods and money. The terms of the agreement are set by the seller and the buyer subject to the interim agreement and the terms of this agreement.

11.8.1 Due Diligence. Each user is responsible for their own caution and for reviewing all issues related to the acquisition of goods or services. The user examines and is responsible for legal issues, the physical condition of the goods, their characteristics, environmental issues, economic issues, charges and all other aspects. The user must coordinate this inspection with the seller. In some cases, the seller cannot give physical access to inspections and users will accept offers at their own risk. All offers must be based on the user`s independent duty of care and on all information contained in the purchase documents. 11.8.2 The seller and the buyer agree that each of them, through the agreement, acquires the right to require the other party to carry out obligations related to the payment and transfer of the goods on the basis of the front-line agreement, depending on whether the seller or buyer is. Failure to comply with their obligations under the prior agreement provides a basis for the imposition of civil sanctions (including, but not limited, debt collection, interest payments, fines, etc.) and other types of sanctions under current legislation.