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The Dominican Republic Apartments

So you have planned your next holiday to the Caribbean. You already have your flight details, you have told your office you will be unavailable for that whole week, and rented one of the most beautiful Dominican Republic apartments on the market. In your mind, you are all set for a fun-filled vacation in the beautiful country that is said to be a little slice of heaven itself. Well, but what about everything else? Do you know how you are going to get around in the country? Have you asked friends or researched some good restaurants for your meals? Do you know where you can go shopping? Guess what, you are in luck. Read on to enjoy a fun-filled holiday in the DR.

Getting around in DR
There are plenty of tourist agencies scattered in all major parts of the country. These companies are known to offer rental cars ranging from luxury models to the basic no frills attached vehicles. For those of you who want to enjoy DR adventure style, renting scooters or other two wheelers like mopeds is a good option. All you have to do is wear a helmet and make sure you rent your two-wheeler from an authorized agency. Another option to get from point A to B is by taxi. Just remember that in the DR only some taxis are prepaid, all others require good negotiation skills, so be prepared.

Places to enjoy mealtime
There is a wide variety of restaurants all around the country, but assuming the you will be staying somewhere in or around Punta Cana, some of the best restaurants are as follows: Comedor Comoma – a friendly, warm eatery serving local delicacies and delicious dishes like La bandera Dominicana, moro, pescado frito, camarones guisado, etc.
D’Angelo’s – a Italian restaurant known for its elaborate menu, luring aromas, mouth watering pizzas, pastas, fish and other dishes.
Serai – This popular restaurant serves some really tantalizing Asian fare. Everything from spicy Thai curry to Indian biryani is served here. It is a favourite among vegetarians visiting the DR.
Balicana – a popular multi-cuisine restaurant that guarantees a pleasurable dining experience.
Sitting Bull – This steakhouse is highly popular for its imported meats, which come all the way from Japan. Come here for an adventurous meal of Angus and Kobe meat.

Shopping options
Bibijagua Artisanal Shopping Plaza (Bibijagua, Bávaro): If you enjoy the idea of strolling on the beach while picking up knick-knacks like wood carvings, cigars, coral jewelry and trinkets.
Palma Real Shopping Village.
Harrison’s Jewelry Store: Pretty sets, earrings, pendants, etc. in beautiful Dominican Republic traditional designs are on sale in this popular jewelry store.

See, having all that information, now you can truly enjoy your holiday in the Caribbean. Plus, nothing can beat the location and comforts of some of the Dominican Republic apartments up for rent.