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The best Dominican Republic Apartments

Real estate is one of the best substantial investments you can make nowadays. And some countries in the Caribbean guarantee profitable returns. Buying Dominican Republic apartments for instance, is usually a foolproof profitable investment for anyone, local or foreign. The country is a beautiful haven for tourists and lures in visitors in millions each year. Places like Punta Cana are especially preferred for such investments as they are a favourite among tourists. This small resort town is a goldmine for real estate investments. If you are looking for a good property investment opportunity, we highly recommend you to consider this location above all else. Read on for more information about how to go about it.

Why invest in Dominican Republic – The DR is not as commercial as other places in the Caribbean, so you are sure to find a property that you can afford at a prime location. The country offers all modern day amenities, while maintaining its beauty and multi-cultural richness. The government has taken special steps to encourage foreign investment. DR real estate has seen a steep appreciation of about 15% annually in the last few years, making it 100% value for money.

Who to contact – The best thing to do is get in touch with a real estate agency that operates in Punta Cana. They are most likely to know the market better and have more listings, which in turn ensure that you find the perfect property. Their focus is on things like making sure that you have the best location, the property is negotiated at the best price, you get a handsome appreciation in the future, and you acquire great rental income in case you put the house on the rental market.

What if someone wants to relocate in DR – As per the enactment of Law No. 171-07, annuitants and retirees of foreign source are entitled to several benefits and incentives after investment. Retired professionals or pensioners, receiving a monthly income in the form of pension for being a retired employee of a government agency or a private company of foreign origin, who have declared their intention to relocate permanently to DR, will eventually receive the benefits of pension or retirement in the Dominican Republic.

Also, before you start your hunt for Dominican Republic apartments it may be wise to look into another aspect that will avoid confusion or disappointment at a later date. Know the purpose of making such an investment. Knowing the reason will help you determine the best location and price for the property. For example, if you are looking to move here the house should be conveniently located near a market or school, etc., but if you plan to lease it to tourists it can be somewhere near the beach on the outskirts of the town.