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Retirement Life in Dominican Republic

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most people work their whole life to enjoy a pleasant and laidback retired life. So what is your idea of retirement? Sipping your favorite cocktail by the beach, watching the sun go down with your beloved sitting right next to you…draws a pretty picture, doesn’t it? Now you can actually paint this picture and call it you own. Dominican Republic, one of the most thriving nations in the Caribbean offers a premium lifestyle to retirees. It is safe to say that you can now put a cross next to “owning a house in the Caribbean” in your wish list.

So what is so special about retiring in the Dominican Republic? Well, read on to know more:

  • Dominican Republic is closely connected to Europe and North America with direct flight access. So you are never away from your old or new home.
  • DR offers an amazing lifestyle filled with all possible amenities that you can think of, all this and more at an affordable price.
  • DR has top notch medical facilities and a recently initiated project air ambulance, so you can be rest assured in case of an emergency that you will be in good hands.
  • DR has a warm, welcoming vibe and is very open to different cultures, so you will have no problem fitting in.
  • The property laws here are pretty liberal when it comes to foreign investment. So you don’t need to worry about endless paper work years of waiting. With a good realtor and a genuine lawyer you can easily sail through the entire legal procedure.
  • Whether you prefer to live in a fabulous beachfront villa or a cozy one bedroom apartment, DR offers myriad of choices. The recent mushrooming property projects in the area ensure that you have several options to choose from.
  • The procedure to apply for Dominican Republic residency and citizenship too is fairly simple. Plus, you can find a job in DR while your paperwork happens, so you never have to leave DR!
  • A great choice for vacation homes and second homes, DR is also a hot destination to invest in real estate. Its property market has shown a steady rise in the last few years.

Retiring in the Dominican Republic is a dream come true for anyone who fancies the good life, minus the hefty price tag!