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Real Estate in DR

When you are looking for a foreign investment that ensures fool proof returns, countries like the Dominican Republic cannot be overlooked. Home to some of the best beaches in the world, highest mountain range in all of Caribbean, and once proclaimed as “the fairest land under Heaven”, by Columbus, real estate in DR is a booming industry. Owning a piece of the Caribbean used to be a far fetched dream, but with properties at affordable prices in the heart of this holiday haven, thousands of investors are pouring in money for prime locations here.

Called ‘the best kept secret’ Dominican Republic offers every modern amenity one could ask for at one of the cheapest prices in the Caribbean. In addition to this, it offers great quality of life, which is why it has become a favorite destination for retirees as well. Immigration, visa, and starting a business here is simple, thanks to some encouraging laws of the country. Due to such factors it is preferred not only as a holiday destination for people from around the world, but also an ideal spot for non-resident foreigners to invest in real estate. The country guarantees fun for each and every visitor, regardless of age and interest as the diverse landscape, recreational activities, and amazing nightlife make way for a good time.

Investors include first time visitors who fall in love with the vibrancy of the country and its friendly people, annual tourists that come down every year and feel the need for a vacation home here, retirees who have visited years ago and choose DR as their home for it’s crisp sunny weather and cheap medical facilities, and the average man with disposable wealth that needs to be invested in a profitable venture as a means of gaining parallel income. These investments, if not self-used are used as second homes, put up for lease, re-sold for profit, etc. Since, the country has been seeing great appreciation rates
for real estate; this assures a good investment opportunity.

This is the perfect time to invest in real estate in DR. No matter what budget you have in mind, you can be sure of finding a good condo, villa, commercial space, etc at a reasonable price. Getting in touch with a real estate agent can be the ideal way of going about this, as an agency can provide you with ample information and show you locations that you are not familiar with. Plus, nothing can be more thrilling than having plenty of choices, especially when it comes to buying property in a foreign country.