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Real Estate in Dominican Republic

The thriving Dominican Republic real estate sector has been a major factor in the country’s progress and economic drive. It is no secret that this beautiful nation in the heart of Caribbean has been a secluded haven for vacationers for decades now, but these days you can see a lot of foreign visitors buying all sorts of properties around the country as profitable investment. The DR is also welcoming people from all over the world to immigrate and settle here. There are quite a few alluring reasons to do so, and realizing these aspects many a tourists that came with the sole purpose of leisure have taken a step forward and bought villas, condos, apartments or empty lots with the intention of having a second home, move base, or a retirement home to this tiny slice of heaven we know as the Dominican Republic.

Based on the island of Hispaniola, DR has the second largest economy in the Caribbean. The country boasts of national parks, river valleys, dense forests, sandy white beaches, numerous restaurants, shopping options, convenient transportation facilities, great connectivity to most countries across the globe, resorts, golf courses, water sports, places for amazing sightseeing, rich multi cultural ambiance, many night clubs and so on. What is exciting about the Dominican Republic when compared to the rest of the Caribbean is that unlike other destinations, this country still remains untouched and not as commercial, but not in the sense of being backward in any way. In fact, it offers all the modern day amenities desired by world travelers, but also preserves its multi cultural charms.

The country is a lovely blend of French, Spanish, African and Haitian cultures making it extremely vivacious and multihued in every way possible. Moving here may be a good decision for new families and retirees as well. You can find a number of properties that suit your liking and budget by approaching a well-known real estate agency in the country. Local agencies have the know-how about the market better and know of suitable real estate options to make your decision one that you won’t regret. You could also look for properties listed online, but it may be wise to still involve or take the advice of some property agent, just to be safe. The country’s real estate market is appreciating at a rate of 15% each year, so rest assured that no matter how small your investment, it will earn you a handsome profit.

Investing in the Dominican Republic real estate sector could be a dream come true for any foreigner, considering the increased incentives granted by the government for foreign investment. Plus, with the millions of tourists visiting each year, you can start a small venture, be sure of its success and live a happy and content life.