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Dominican Republic Villa Rentals

There was a time when hotels were the only option in the Caribbean. Foreigners would spend a bomb even for short vacations thanks to overhead charges, and room rents especially during the peak tourist season. But this is not the case today. You can book hotels that are well within your budget, book rooms at resorts that include breakfast or one meal, rent luxury villas, rent apartments or even condos for an affordable Caribbean holiday. If you are visiting the best homes Dominican Republic, villa rentals is the better option by far. And here’s why.

When you are planning a holiday to the best place in the heart of the Caribbean, the obvious choice is booking rooms in a gorgeous hotel or resort where you can get pampered by the staff all throughout your stay, use their spas and other facilities, be close to the beach, and not have to worry about cleaning your room or making food for your children. Well, while these are the pros the cons’ list is a lot longer. You need to book multiple rooms for even a small family of four. In many cases the parents have to stay in separate rooms just to make sure the kids are okay. Many a times the hotel has fixed rules about not having guests over in the room. Plus, paying for multiple rooms at a good resort or hotel, giving tips to the waiting staff, room service, taxes on food, etc can turn out to be very expensive.

On the other hand, a rental villa can provide quite a few advantages. The first one is freedom and space. No more restrictions of fitting all your belongings into one tiny room. Most villas have multiple bedrooms, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen and much more. Also, if you want to truly have fun in the DR, you must make a few local friends. The people are friendly and extremely easy-going. You can have a party at your villa and invite a few locals and friends you have made on the beach over, and have a good time without worrying about the noise or time. Many luxury villas even provide helpers that take care of everything from doing the laundry to keeping the house spotless.

Dominican Republic villa
rentals make sense financially too. If you do the math, most times a villa vacation may cost a lot less as compared to multiple room rent and stay at a five star resort or hotel. Plus, most luxury villas in the country are extremely well-located. You can search for the view that you desire most. The popular choices are beachfront, ocean view, and hill top or overlooking a golf course. If villa rentals seem a bit expensive for a long stay, you can look for condo rentals.