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Apartments in the Dominican Republic

Move on Florida; enter Dominican Republic. For as long asone can remember Floridais considered as one of the most lucrative places to invest in an apartment or second home. Though Floridais toured as one of the most amazing places in North America, buying an apartment here can take years of advance planning. But did you know that you can enjoy a better lifestyle at a low ofcost of living by investing in an apartment in the Dominican Republic? Investing in Caribbean real estate can raise a lot of eyebrows and make your friends roll their eyes at you; are you kidding, is it safe? What about the taxes? Lack of information and prior conditioning can easily lead youto cross off the idea of buying an apartment in the Dominican Republic.

The new residential projects in the Dominican Republic offer self-contained apartments with all the amenities that you can think of. After residing in your apartment in the Caribbean,the idea of staying in any luxury hotel will seem drab to you. While the realestate prices in North America and Western Europe are rocketing by the day, DR seems like the obvious choice; it offers a supreme lifestyle and plush amenities – all at a reasonable cost. A supportive and steady government makes sure that foreigners feel more than encouraged to invest in Dominican Republic real estate. Tax benefits, multi-cultural influences, laid back vibe and tropical sunshine throughout the year; the list of plus points is endless.

DR immigration rules give you the liberty to obtain a work permit while you get your residency. This actually means thatyou can arrive on a tourist visa and get a work permit; now isn’t that better than waiting for endless years to obtain the right to live and work in a new country? Apart from being a great investment, buying an apartment in the Dominican Republic is also a smart choice for those willing to holiday in the Caribbean every now and then. With direct flights from most major cities in USA and Western Europe, getting here is now easier and extremely exciting if you are coming to your very own apartment.

With some thorough research, assistance of a professional real estate company and an inclination to open yourself up to a new world of adventures and opportunities you are not too far from owning your apartment in the Dominican Republic.