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Agreement Fort Mineral Mixture

Rajan Health is the best supplier of mineral blending in India. Wholsale mineral mix sale is done at negotiable prices. We are a well-known supplier of mineral blends in the field of veterinarians we supply the bulk vitamin-mineral blend from ten kg to ten tons. Small 1 kg packages are also available. Attractive negotiable prices for large batches of mineral blend Agrimin strong powder 1kg price, Agrimin strong 5kg price, meaning Forte in Hindi, important in Tamil High Quality Mineral Mix at rs29 per kg for 1 ton and special price for 3 tons and more contact for diebarition. Mixomin is a concentrate of mineral feed for cattle. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, cobalt, iodine and sodium chloride to supplement minerals. Nutrient deficiency of minerals affects the development and functions of different organs, either directly or indirectly. This caused disturbances in cellular metabolism in the organ in question. The number of trace elements such as iron and copper are essential for animals. Calcium intake can have a serious effect on the viability of offspring. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for the formation of skeletal animals.

Milk production also requires calcium in lactating animals. Lack of calcium affects milk production. Iron requirements in the latter half of gestation are increasing in cattle. Copper is essential during pregnancy. In ruminants, it can lead to the birth of low offspring, due to the development of demyelinating diseases. Iron, copper, cobalt, are important for the formation of hemoglobin in the blood. Inadequate iodine in food can cause an enlarged thyroid gland, which can lead to hyperthyroidism and goiter in animals. Delivery of hairless, weak or stillborn offspring is common in cattle. Regular administration of MIXOMIN in cattle prevents everyone who has metabolic disorders at recommended doses. Karnataka mineral blend, mineral and Sara Pradesh blend, Rajasthan mineral blend, Gujarat mineral mix, maharastra mineral mix, Mumbai mineral blend, Sangli mineral blend, Kolhapur mineral blend, Kolhapur mineral blend, MineralmIxture satara, cheap mineral blend India, mineral blend of the best indian quality, mineral mixture to increase bovine milk, mineral mix , vitamin Ad3 mineral blend India, how to increase milk in cattle, such as bovine milk to increase India, increase milk with gourcains in oxen, mineral mixture mp, mineral mixture to madhyapradesh, Mineral mix for public notice For regular supplementation Large animals – 50 g per day Small animals – 5-10 g per day For regular supplementation Cattle and Buffalo-50gm per day mixed in lining for veal maintenance – 25-30 g per day in food for better weight gain and A 7.00,000 Ui Vitamin D3 70,000 IU Vitamin E 250 mg Nicotinamide 1000 mg cobalt 150 mg copper 1200 mg iodine 325 mg iron 1500 mg magnesium 60 1500 mg manganese 1500 mg potassium 100 mg sodium 5.9 mg sulphur 0.72% zinc 9600 mg DL-methionine 1000mg calcium 25.50% phosphorus 12.75% RECOMMENDED for veterinarians , registered hospitals and veterinarians.